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How to earn at OnlyFans

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

If you haven't yet set up an account on this network, it's time to do so. Today we will tell you how to make money on OnlyFans for guys, girls, photographers and other professions. We'll reveal the secrets of making money from other people's photos and a lot more interesting things.

How to earn OnlyFans

This question worries many users from Russia and the CIS these days. Popular personalities in other social networks can monetize their content only through advertising. In OnlyFans, even a novice author earns money. It is enough to put up posts and expand your audience. But about everything in order.


You have registered and verified your account. Now let's define the strategy.

There are a total of 2 options for earning in only fans:

1. create a paid account and get money from each subscriber by setting monthly commissions.

2. Make a free profile and monetize it through other options.

So, the platform offers the following income options:

Paid Posts. Suitable for any type of profile. The idea is that you send a personal message to a certain user with content, for viewing which you set a fee. The minimum price is $3. As long as the user doesn't pay the fee, he won't be able to view the file. Tip. There is a "Tips" button below the entry. By clicking on it, any follower can transfer a tip to motivate the author or thank him for the information. Models, for example, insert a caption that reads, "Get 5 exclusive photos for a $3 tip." The method works. Paid posts. The method is only available on free profiles. While posting the next photo or video to your feed, click on the dollar sign. The description of such a post can be seen by all users, but its contents only by those who have paid. Donations in broadcasts. These are rewards for authors during live broadcasts. They, by the way, are not very popular in the service yet. But it is an opportunity to earn money.

How do you motivate your audience?

For this purpose, OnlyFans has a system of promotions and discounts that can be set by the author of the blog himself. For example, a promotion is created for newcomers or some kind of fundraising goal is set.

Another option is to keep two profiles at once: a paid one and a free one (the guidelines do not forbid it). Free accounts get subscribed more quickly than the second one. As soon as you have gained a certain number of newcomers, you can drain them on subscriptions.

Subscription costs

Until your profile is moderated after verification and you receive a letter about it to the email indicated during registration, you can't set the subscription size. The account remains open and free during this time. Accepting tips or donations is not allowed either.

You have to set the cost of subscription to the author in the profile settings.

What price to set?

Opinions on this matter vary. Some put a minimum of $5, while others put between $30 and $50. There is no golden mean. But if you're a beginner, I advise you to put in a range of $ 8 - $ 12. So you increase interest in the content. Subscribers think that if it is expensive, then there is something to look at. The second is that you can always lower it through promotions and discounts. It also increases audience loyalty.

Profile Promotion

Logically, the more subscribers you have, the higher the income. So you need to pay a lot of attention to advertising the account and its promotion. It is worth bearing in mind that even in ordinary social networks it is difficult to get people to subscribe to the author, and here, even for a fee. I will tell you a few ways to advertise your content.

Social networks. Ideal for Instagram, a little worse than YouTube and Twitter. The point is simple - put part of your post in a free account with a link to OnlyFans. Third-party blogs and forums. Post your photos or videos on popular forums or groups. Talk to people in the comments. Point out what more they can see in your file onlifans. Publicity.

A well-known phrase says that the best investments are in yourself. You can order promotional posts from other people with a broader target. They'll talk about your profile, highlight points of interest and entice new subscribers.

The second free account.

It's what the developers came up with for this purpose. We post free content, and the most important and interesting put in a paid account. If you want to watch - pay!

There are a lot of opportunities for fast growth at the moment. Girls and guys are coming up with stunning news, doing work in the comments, ordering pr from stars or models. When choosing a promotion strategy I want to focus your attention on the fact that the main audience of OnlyFans today - are foreign subscribers. You have to work in this direction. They are more willing to pay.

Communicating with the audience

An integral part of the development of earning onliphance is maintaining the interest of the audience by communicating with subscribers. It is noteworthy that subscriptions to the profile are taken from the user once a month. It is important for the author to retain people and increase income.

Also, do not forget about such a way as paid posts. For the most part, followers subscribe in OnlyFans to their idols. They start actively writing to them and wait for a response. In response to messages or requests, you can send messages from free accounts, which can be viewed only for money. Below you see a screenshot of how you can increase income from messages.

How to make money on onlyfans guy

By and large, monetizing their posts on this social network is not very different for girls and guys. Any author, to be successful, needs to post interesting content regularly, communicate with the audience, and draw attention to his profile. But there's a powerful argument. Girls and women can always connect with the conscience and beauty. That is, just post their beautiful photos and drain everything on paid posts or messages. With men it is more difficult.

For a guy to earn money in OnlyFans we recommend to pay attention to the following blog topics:

fitness industry fashion and style learning anything health cooking humor For example, training programs from famous trainers are very popular on onley fans today. We develop a few: for gaining weight, for weight loss, and so on, set the price in dollars and sell. Profit!

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